January 3, 2017

Barack Obama tried to be a one-man ruler by executive order (a precedent liberals are suddenly concerned might come back to bite them.)

Now with a rubber stamp Supreme Court, we hear Governor Cooper is planning Medicaid expansion by executive order.

That would be illegal, since the legislature appropriates money and nothing is appropriated for giving single, childless, able-bodied, working-age adults who won’t work free healthcare. Additionally, SB4 in 2013 says no state department, institution or agency can expand Medicaid under Obamacare. That’s a clear law.

So how can Cooper do it? Maybe he figures his rubber stamp Supreme Court will ignore the law, too. Or maybe he cuts a deal with President Obama immediately to waive matching fund requirements long enough to sign some people up.

Nevertheless, Medicaid expansion will cost the state billions. And Cooper’s payoff to his voters threatens to siphon money from education or Medicaid benefits for disabled children and the elderly who need and deserve them.

This idea must be killed by the legislature and the Trump administration. Pass specific budget language prohibiting Medicaid expansion by executive order.