December 16, 2016

Between 2001 and 2010, North Carolina raised taxes practically every year and our economic performance, along with opportunity, sank relative to our region and the nation.

Why would we want to go back to that stagnation now that conservative reforms have given us America’s best economic growth?

But that is exactly where we are headed if Governor Cooper appoints liberal zealots who cut their teeth under the high taxes and corruption of Governor Easley and Governor Perdue. Just look at Cooper’s chief adviser, Ken Eudy, former Democratic Executive Director and lobbyist whose firm cashed in for millions under Perdue. Eudy is the guy who freely brags that he refuses to stand up to honor members of the military, the very people who pay in blood for his right to be disrespectful.

If Eudy is Cooper’s top adviser, it’s not hard to figure out where things are headed. Back to the high taxes and corruption of Easley and Perdue.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. The conservative majority in the Legislature can put a brake on the Cooper lurch to the left. If a President’s appointees have to be confirmed by the Senate, why shouldn’t a Governor’s? If a President’s executive actions can be defunded by Congress, why can’t a Governor’s?

House Bill 17 is a legitimate effort to check Roy Cooper. And checks and balances is what the system is supposed to be about.

Now there is no doubt Cooper, and his massive liberal money machine that outspent Pat McCrory 2-1, will organize their protests and take the whole thing to their rubber stamp State Supreme Court and the Obama-ized 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Cooper might win the first round in court. But remember: the Legislature still has the power of the purse. And our recommendation is simple: When Cooper goes to far to the left (and with guys like Eudy around him, he will), just cut off the money.