December 15, 2016

Remember when Republican Jim Holshouser was elected governor in 1972? And when Democrats gave Democrat Lieutenant Governor Jim Hunt new power to check Holshouser?

Remember when the Democrats gave Hunt the power to succeed himself, gave Hunt the veto they denied Republican Jim Martin, and let Hunt pack the Court of Appeals?

Remember when Republican Lieutenant Governor Jim Gardner was twiddling his thumbs in 1989 after the Democrats stripped him of power? Remember when Mather Slaughter spied on sheriffs for Hunt, Hunt’s bosom buddy Phil Carlton monitored Gardner’s phone in 1992, and Hunt had “no clue?” Remember when Hunt was shocked – shocked! – to learn the highway pavers who gave him truck loads of money were actually rigging bids?

Remember the Jim Hunt Christmas Massacre of 1976?

Remember when Governor Mike Easley siphoned millions out of the Highway Trust Fund, while dabbling in sweetheart real estate deals? Remember bribery in the men’s room?

Well, thank the Lord Republicans are trying to check the power of a Governor whose first act was appointing a guy who practically spits on the graves of heroes by refusing to stand to honor the men and women in the military who protect his freedom to be disrespectful. This Governor is already stacking his administration with ex-Easley and Perdue loyalists – no friends of sensible policy or conservative reform.

Now the Democrat descendants of hardball boys like Basnight, Black, Rand and Ramsey are crying like a baby who lost his rattle. Please.

The conservative majority should defend hard-won reforms from left-wing judges and liberal appointees. The voters can decide who is right in the next election.