December 12, 2016

CPR has been working on a conservative reform-themed 12 Days of Christmas. Until we put it in jingle form, here are 12 reforms the Legislature should pass:

  1. A Constitutional Amendment freezing income and sales tax rates.
  2. A Constitutional Amendment rebating half of budget surpluses to taxpayers and saving half.
  3. A Constitutional Amendment on school choice to protect it from a liberal State Supreme Court.
  4. A Constitutional Amendment for Photo ID to vote.
  5. A Constitutional Amendment requiring mandatory jail time for violent or destructive acts during riots or demonstrations.
  6. Add new Supreme Court justices to prevent an activist court from usurping power from elected representatives.
  7. Transfer Medicaid and the Revenue Department to the Treasurer.
  8. Defund any new job-killing regulations.
  9. Require Legislative approval for lawsuits filed by the Attorney General or state agencies.
  10. Prevent the AG from directly or indirectly funding outside groups.
  11. Increase oversight of state contracts.
  12. Divide the Board of Elections equally between parties.