December 11, 2016

Although the media have made little of it, Josh Stein’s law firm got $600,000 from the federal government to oversee a National Mortgage Settlement with banks.

And of course, the more money going to Stein, the less money going to people really hurt by mortgage fraud.

Besides Josh Stein, where else did bank settlement money go? The Obama Administration sent it to left-wing groups.

And Roy Cooper sent environmental settlement money to left-wing groups running ads against McCrory.

What will keep Stein from doing the same? New York Attorney General Schneiderman tried to chill free speech by investigating Exxon for disagreeing with Global Warming religionists.

What’s going to stop Stein from doling out money to his friends and harassing people he politically opposes?


Require all money collected, ordered or agreed to by the Attorney General or third parties in legal actions or agreements where the Attorney General is a party to go to the Treasurer, not outside groups.

Ban the use of outside lawyers by the Attorney General.

Require the Attorney General to only get involved in lawsuits where the state is the defendant, without the express approval of the General Assembly.

Why allow Josh Stein to become another John Edwards at the taxpayers’ expense?