June 29, 2016

Now we’ve heard everything. Terms like “Christmas vacation” and “boyfriend,” as well as complimenting a woman on her shoes or asking someone where they’re from, are blacklisted at UNC.

Read it for yourself. And ask UNC President Spellings to get rid of the brainwashing department and focus on education. Please.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill issued a guide this week which instructs students that Christmas vacations and telling a woman “I love your shoes!” are “microagressions.”

The taxpayer-funded guide — entitled “Career corner: Understanding microaggressions” — also identifies golf outings and the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” as microagressions.

The UNC Chapel Hill guide, published on Thursday, covers a wide range of menacing microaggressions — which are everyday words that radical leftists have decided to be angry or frustrated about.

Christmas vacations are a microagression, the public university pontificates, because “academic calendars and encouraged vacations” which “are organized around major religious observances” centralize”‘the Christian faith” and diminish “non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.”         – The Daily Caller

Here’s our own macroagression: President Spellings’ reforms of the UNC system should start with wiping out the PC police, so we can focus on what really matters: educating our students.