June 22, 2016

Ever see a racer go into a spin on the Charlotte Motor Speedway? Dangerous.

The liberal swamis at N. C. Policy Watch, a pet think tank of WRAL’s Jim Goodmon, hit an oil slick and spun out in their latest attack on Governor McCrory’s economic growth record.

Here’s their spin. “The Governor has regularly repeated this claim that GDP growth shows that North Carolina is leading the nation. Unfortunately, as Dr. Patrick McHugh of the N.C. Budget and Tax Center has also explained regularly (and as he did once more at yesterday’s luncheon) the Governor’s claim is off-base for a number of reasons.”

So it’s off base to say North Carolina is leading the nation in economic growth? Not according to the News and Observer’s Fact Check. They confirm ”Because GDP is generally considered the most comprehensive measure of an economy’s strength, we’ll look only at GDP growth for the sake of this fact check.

And on that, McCrory is right that North Carolina is No. 1. Between the first quarter of 2013 and the third quarter of 2015 (the most recent data we have), no state’s economic output grew as fast as North Carolina’s 13.4 percent rate.”

Therefore, it is a fact that North Carolina tops the nation on the most comprehensive measure of an economy’s strength, GDP, the total economic output of states or countries.

How do the spinning swamis get around that? They make the startling claim that a growing economy and the things that go with it -jobs, higher incomes, new technologies and revenue for necessary government services -are really bad things.

Read it. “Simply put, a finite planet cannot sustain a state of permanent expansion.” In other words, you can’t have a better standard of living. You can’t progress up a ladder of success. Not if the liberal swamis have anything to do with it.

Jim Goodmon and his highly paid think tankers have theirs. It’s truly frightening to realize the left’s ideological agenda includes suppressing the prosperity of others to fit their belief that progress must stop to save the planet.

Thank goodness Governor McCrory and the conservative majority are focused on jobs, incomes, economic growth and the real problems of real people.