June 17, 2016

Our state’s economy is growing faster than the nation with over 100,000 new jobs created in the last year. And a big part of the reason is the conservative majority had the guts to fix the deficit and lower our too high income tax rate that hurt North Carolina’s ability to compete for jobs.

So the conservative majority cut taxes from a job killing 7.75%, worst in the region, down to a reasonable 5.5%. And tax revenue improved as our economy grew. Teachers got raises.

That’s why it’s odd to see Senators pull off the agenda a Constitutional Amendment capping the tax rate at 5.5%.

Why not lock in policy that works? Voters hate politicians. Why not let people vote on a Constitutional Amendment that handcuffs politicians who want to soak taxpayers again.

Sure, Ned Barnett at the News and Observer will scream at conservatives for tax limitation while he waits out probation for drunk driving. He screams just because conservatives exist.

It’s time for the conservative majority to have courage. Your ideas work. Let people vote on capping taxes.