June 14, 2016

Under a Democrat Governor, Kentucky fell for the free money from Washington trick and expanded Medicaid to single, childless, able-bodied adults who don’t work.

Now new Republican Governor Matt Bevin needs to come up with $257 million because the free money is gone and now the state owes matching funds.

Governor Bevin wants Medicaid expansion recipients to put some skin in the game by paying premiums like the rest of us. But the Obama Administration said no way, no how. Able-bodied Medicaid expansion recipients don’t have to work either. Everything’s free from taxpayers.

So how would North Carolina pay the billions in matching funds Medicaid expansion would cost us? Cut education? Raise taxes? Because Obama will never allow premiums or a work requirement.

North Carolina should learn from Kentucky’s $257 million budget problem and stay away from ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.