May 26, 2016

Who does the NCAE teachers union really represent? Teachers? Or leftist malcontents?

When Senate reformers proposed raising average teacher salaries to over $54,000, a nearly $10,000 raise from 2013, the NCAE president declared, ”Now, because it’s an election year, Senate leaders are trying to play catch up from the destructive swath they created for our public schools.”

A destructive swath? Hardly. Let’s compare public school spending and average teacher salaries under the old Democrats and the new Republicans.

State Spending For Public Schools
2010 Democrat-Controlled Legislature $7.086 billion
2015 Republican-Controlled Legislature $8.517 billion

That looks more like a big investment in public classrooms than a destructive swath.

When Republicans took control of the General Assembly, average teacher pay was $45,947.
Now it’s $47,931
and will jump to over $54,000 under the Senate reformers’ plan.

Under the Democrats’ pay schedule, it took a teacher 33 years to earn a $50,000 salary. The conservative Senate is cutting that to 15 years.

That looks like significant raises and reforms. Not so much a destructive swath.

One might think a union representing teachers would welcome a plan for raising pay. But the NCAE reacts with false political attacks. Who do they really represent?