May 6, 2016

If Attorney General Cooper becomes governor, a bunch of low-income children are going to lose their shot at the American dream if what’s happening in Louisiana is any indication. In Louisiana, new Democrat Governor John Edwards (anyone named John Edwards is a straight shooter, right?) has made gutting private school scholarships for poor kids job one.

Currently, low-income children going to public schools rated C, D and F are eligible for an opportunity scholarship to a private school of their choice. Governor Edwards wants to lock the door on students in the C schools so they can’t escape to a better school. According to the Wall Street Journal, a Louisiana public school gets a C even when only 25% of the students learn enough to be ready for the next grade.

Meanwhile, Louisiana’s school choice students outperform the majority of their public school peers. So why is Governor Edwards locking children into schools where 75% of the students aren’t learning? Simple: the teachers union that put him in office doesn’t want any competition.

Low-income children already face a torrent of obstacles. The school choice haters like John Edwards and Roy Cooper are condemning a lot of people to a lifetime of poverty by denying them a chance for a better education.

Opportunity scholarship backers should show parents how opportunity is being crushed in Louisiana, because that will happen here if Attorney General Cooper becomes governor.