May 3, 2016

How’s the North Carolina economy doing since Governor McCrory and the conservative majority reduced taxes, reformed regulations and controlled spending?

Compare our economic performance with the rest of the nation. According to media fact checkers, North Carolina has the fastest growing economy in the country since McCrory took office:

“Between the first quarter of 2013 and the third quarter of 2015 (the most recent data we have), no state’s economic output grew as fast as North Carolina’s 13.4 percent rate.”

We’ve created 252,000 new jobs, and added jobs 22% faster than the national average.

Our economic growth rate is 28% faster than the national average. And incomes in North Carolina are expanding 6% faster than the national average.

That’s good. But it could be even better. Imagine if we got Washington out of the way and locked in sound policy like the Taxpayer Protection Act – a constitutional amendment to keep politicians from overspending. Imagine if we raised the standard deduction again, so middle class families can earn more tax-free. Imagine if we did more to reward great teachers and prepare students to enter the real world.

Then we’d leave the rest of the country in the dust.