March 31, 2016

A University of Arkansas study finds low income children going to private schools using Opportunity Scholarships are less likely to commit crimes than low income public school kids.

Carolina Journal reports ”Not only did the study show that crime rates drop among voucher students, it also indicated a continued decline in criminal behavior during a student’s long-term enrollment in the program.

“We conclude,” the paper says, “that merely being exposed to private schooling for a short time through a voucher program may not have a significant impact on criminal activity, though persistently attending a private school through a voucher program can decrease subsequent criminal activity, especially for males.”

The study shows problems of poverty can be overcome if children get a chance. School choice offers them one.

Under pressure from left -wing activists and the Obama Administration to relax discipline policies that supposedly discriminated against black students, Wake County schools slashed school suspensions 45% and now school crime is rising.

It’s sad Wake County politicians don’t have the guts to stand up for classroom discipline.

Better discipline creates a better learning environment. The conservative majority should note the lower crime associated with Opportunity Scholarships and go big on school choice. Really big.