March 30, 2016

The politicians on the Wake County school board need a course in remedial English .

For a decade, the Board’s policy has been to find time in the school day for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, although no student is compelled to say it.

Apparently, the flag is a controversial thing in Wake County. So the Board is working on a new policy that will allow for a lesson on the history of ”coercion.” Gee. Reciting the darn pledge must be coercion like slavery or something.

However, it’s the rest of the Board’s policy that really confuses things. It says the citizenship curriculum could include ”a community volunteer service requirement.”

A volunteer service requirement? Don’t the pols on the Wake County school board know the meaning of volunteer? Volunteers freely choose to do something. They aren’t required or shall we say coerced.

Perhaps the Wake County board needs an English teacher to proof their policy statements. Their understanding of words leaves something to be desired. This is not the kind of reform Wake County families deserve.