February 17, 2016

The media cloaked the recent march of the Monday Moralizers in the grand garb of righteousness. But what is moral about threatening to kill police?

The Black Lives Matter crew is clearly on record advocating cop killing. Watch them here.

And the Moral Monday moralizers are all aboard with Black Lives Matter according to Ebony Magazine. Read it for yourself. “Emphatic support for #blacklivesmatter echoed from the drumbeat and megaphones on the streets, to the call and response from the speakers’ podium, to the banners and protest signs rising above the crowd,” said Serena Sebring, a Campaign Organizer for Southerners on New Ground (SONG).’

So the Reverend Barber’s movement is joined at the hip with people calling for the murder of police.

A member of Moral Monday is a group named NC Heat.

They signed up on this Black Lives Matter opinion “We remember that police forces originate from slave patrols and that prisons were built to replace plantations;[…].”

That’s demented thinking. Just like their call to kill police. What is moral about this kind of hate speech? Nothing. But these are the shock troops of the Democratic Party that want to control our lives.