February 9, 2016

The always on target Becki Gray reports economic analysis shows the cost of complying with all the regulations churned out by state government amounts to as much as $25.5 billion. That’s more than the state’s entire General Fund budget.

The regulatory burden on business and individuals is simply another level of taxation. Only it’s a tax levied by nameless, faceless bureaucrats who never have to stand for election before the people they are taxing. Meanwhile, the politicians who are supposed to oversee state government can evade responsibility for the regulation tax by blaming those gosh darn bureaucrats.

There is a solution . Make politicians accountable for the regulation tax just like any other tax. Require new regulations with a significant cost to be voted on by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. An up or down vote on new regulations will make the system accountable to the people. And shouldn’t it be accountable?

Fortunately, the new conservative majority in the Legislature has been working to liberate our economy from the choking grip of the regulation tax . In 2013, they passed a review process for the 21,751 regulations already in effect. Out of 5529 regulations reviewed, 10% (586) have been eliminated.

That seems perfectly reasonable. We need good regulations, not overreaching regulations.

The government needs to be accountable. With a $25 billion regulation tax already in place, a review makes sense. So does requiring our elected Legislators to take responsibility for the regulation tax by voting up or down on new regulations.