February 4, 2016

When conservatives in the State Senate enacted a Constitutional Amendment limiting spending growth last year -the Taxpayer Protection Act -the big government advocates went all out to block it in the House. They simply don’t want the people to get a chance to vote on a Constitutional Amendment putting a leash on politicians by limiting spending increases to no more than inflation plus population growth.

Most of us know politicians can’t be trusted to control spending. The Taxpayer Protection Act places a reasonable limit on budget increases to keep a check on the power of politicians. And the big government gang can’t stand the idea of any cap on spending because the Raleigh special interest lobbies all want a bigger piece of the pie.

In 1992, Colorado passed their version of the Taxpayer Protection Act. The big government advocates claim its been a formula for decline.

Well, if a government policy has thrust a state into decline, it should show up in declining income for Colorado residents as people get poorer. But that hasn’t happened in Colorado.

Since passage of their Taxpayer Protection Act, Colorado’s per capita income increased from $21,102 to $48,869-an increase of 131.6% compared to the national increase of 121.4%. Colorado income increased 8.4% faster than the nation. Over the same period, inflation was 69.4%.

So with spending limits, Colorado isn’t in decline. It’s doing better than the nation. Last year, Colorado’s economy was ranked as the country’s 5th fastest growing.

No, the Taxpayer Protection Act isn’t a panacea. It’s instead a safeguard against politicians with an endless appetite for spending.

The State House should let people vote on a Constitutional Amendment limiting spending growth. Let the voters decide if they want to put politicians on a leash with the Taxpayer Protection Act.