February 1, 2016

Sometimes the contradictory weirdness in the News and Observer is confusing.

Sunday, UNC’s Gene Nichol wrote a column labeling North Carolina ”greedy”. He’s talking about people who believe low taxes promote economic growth and prosperity.

Greedy? This is the same Gene Nichol who collected a $205,000 salary for teaching one class at UNC Law School.

$205,000. One class. Sounds very greedy.

Then the News and Observer identified a magic money tree called ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. It’s free because the benefits are so great.

But there isn’t a word about what is happening in states that have already expanded Medicaid. Massive cost overruns.

Here are some state cost overruns.

Arkansas $778 million
Michigan $100 million
Ohio $1.5 billion
Washington $2.3 billion
Kentucky $1.8 billion
Illinois $800 million

There is no magic money tree.

In North Carolina, Medicaid already covers vulnerable people like the elderly poor and the disabled, pregnant women and their children. They need and deserve help. But why give more free benefits to able bodied people who could work but don’t? There’s no reason to create incentives to take money away from the disabled in order to give more to those who could work but aren’t.