January 18, 2016

It’s nice to get noticed. The liberal swami Chris Fitzsimon recently attacked the idea of placing a Constitutional limit on the growth of government spending-the Taxpayer Protection Act which limits spending increases to no more than inflation plus population growth.

In noting our advocacy of spending limits, the swami wrote “0—number of days since conservative think tank said North Carolina voters should “lock in conservative reforms” by adopting TABOR in March (“Keep the positive change with the Taxpayer Protection Act, Carolina Partnership for Reform, November 9, 2015).”

He then went on with a litany of complaints about education funding in Colorado which has a Constitutional limit on spending.

So we did some web surfing and found a report from the Colorado Legislature which shows the trend in education spending in Colorado since spending limits were enacted.

Year $/Pupil $/Pupil Adjusted for Inflation (2011 $)
1993 $4,772 $7,558
2012 $8,548 $8,548

So even in inflation adjusted dollars, real education spending is up 13% on a per pupil basis in Colorado since the voters put a Constitutional limit on how fast politicians can increase spending.

The schools in Colorado haven’t collapsed. In fact, they have more money than before. But the people have protection in the Constitution to keep politicians from taxing and spending the voters into the poor house.

The Conservative majority in the North Carolina Senate passed a Taxpayer Protection Act last year. It will be interesting to see if Conservatives in the State House put their deeds where their words are and pass the Taxpayer Protection Act when the Legislature comes back in May.

The people of North Carolina deserve a chance to vote on approving Constitutional limits on politicians.