January 14, 2016

An email from Progress NC’s Gerrick Brenner hit the box recently. He called Pat McCrory ”Governor McCreepy.”

Not high brow political discourse. Then Progress NC has been swimming in a sea of liberal hate groups so long that Progress NC rightly qualifies as a hate group hanger on.

Progress NC works with Ignite NC in the SEIU labor union’s intimidation campaign against the UNC BOG.

We’ve already demonstrated how Ignite NC aligns with the cop killing advocates at Black Lives Matter.

Mr. Brenner’s Progress NC, which calls mild mannered McCrory Governor McCreepy, is also a part of another liberal coalition called Operation Jumpstart the Vote.

Members include good old Ignite NC and an outfit named the Youth Organizing Institute. The Progress buddies at Ignite and the Youth Organizing Institute signed onto Black Lives Matter’s statement that says ”We remember that police forces originate from slave patrols and that prisons were built to replace plantation.”

Really? The cops are from the slave patrol? The left sinks deeper into paranoid hate.

And Mr. Brenner is putting Progress NC right in with hate groups.

By the way, Gerrick Brenner was one of the liberal authorities claiming tax cuts would cause a budget deficit.

In fact, tax cuts helped generate a strong economy that produced a $445 million surplus.

Oh well. Insults obviously beat facts at Progress NC.