January 8, 2016

As we get ready for a New Year, let’s look at North Carolina’s economy.

After years of economic under-performance compared to the rest of the country,

the voters kicked out the sclerotic Democratic Legislature that had ruled the roost for over a hundred years and elected a new conservative team in 2010.

Facing billions in deficits and double digit unemployment, the new team cleaned up the red ink and began cutting taxes to make our state more competitive in the world economy.

Here are the results. Since the new team was elected, North Carolina has gained 393,700 jobs, growing jobs 10% faster than the rest of the U. S.

With a reformer in the Governor’s office since January 2013, we’ve passed major tax reduction and kept a lid on spending. Job growth is accelerating. We’re now increasing employment nearly twenty percent faster than the rest of the nation since conservatives enacted tax cuts in 2013. And the income in people’s pockets is growing faster than the nation, too.

Nobody will be where they need to be until Washington gets out of the way. But voters made the right choice when they shuffled the deck, putting a new team in charge in Raleigh. The next election will determine if we keep the progress going or slide back into the stagnation of liberalism.