December 17, 2015

When the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) organized an angry protest against the UNC Board of Governors-part of a campaign to stop privatization of the University bookstore-they were supported by something called the UNC BOG Democracy Coalition.

Who are they? And what’s their beef?

The UNC BOG Democracy Coalition is another allegedly broad based group of students and alumni upset by the direction UNC is going in. And their beef is a doozy. They are mad at the Board of Governors for reducing the cost of student fees at UNC. That’s right. The UNC BOG Democracy Coalition is angry the Board of Governors is making college more affordable.

Here’s the story. Last year , the Board of Governors cut the student health fee 15% by ending the practice of forcing students to pay for non-health items through the health fee. Among the programs cut was something called “Orgasm? Yes, Please!”. This program was supposed to teach college students about sex. Yeah. As if they don’t already know.

At their organizational “Teach In,” the UNC BOG Democracy Coalition identified the loss of student fees for “Orgasm? Yes, Please!” as one of their chief complaints with the Board of Governors.

So here the Board of Governors cut the cost of college by reducing student health fees 15%. One would think making college more affordable is a good thing. But not according to a radical minority who want the majority to pay for their sex classes or whatever “Orgasm? Yes, Please!” is.

The SEIU has a clear economic mission in organizing protests at UNC. They want to intimidate administrators into dropping plans to privatize the University bookstore – a plan that raises $4 million for student scholarships – but costs the SEIU union dues as government employees are moved to the private sector.

Groups like the UNC BOG Democracy Coalition are the willing tools of big labor. And the vast majority of students who are benefiting from a 15% reduction in the health fee should tell the radicals just where to go.