November 20, 2015

64% of voters favor the Taxpayer Protection Act to put a speed limit on politicians by capping spending increases at no more than inflation plus population growth.

People understand instinctively that politicians can’t be trusted and a limitation on their power to increase spending is plain common sense.

So how do the candidates for Governor compare on spending?

Governor McCrory has signed fiscally responsible budgets that controlled spending. But in 14 years in the Legislature, Roy Cooper blew through the roof on spending.

While North Carolina’s population grew 28% between 1986-2000 and inflation increased 58%, Roy Cooper jacked up the budget 154% from $5.532 billion to $14.050 billion. And while Roy Cooper might claim his spending spree went for schools, he actually cut 5% from the share of the budget going to our schools.

Governor McCrory should run on the Taxpayer Protection Act because people know politicians need a limitation on how much they can increase spending.