November 11, 2015

In the 1960’s, our school was part of the Civil Defense program with a basement room for a bomb shelter. There were cans of water and crackers which were somehow supposed to feed everybody if the Russians rained nuclear missiles on the US.

Watching the Clemson-Florida State game over the weekend, we saw a TV ad attacking Governor McCrory for supporting natural gas exploration through fracking. And the message the extreme environmental lobby is putting out on fracking is staler than those crackers in the can must have been.

According to that ad, fracking is the worst thing in the world.

But the environmentalists forget to mention that the rising Queen of the Democratic Party-Hillary Rodham Clinton-thinks fracking to find natural gas is just fine.

And they don’t mention that President Obama’s EPA has declared fracking safe.

Last year, the environmental extremists spent millions attacking Legislators on the fracking issue. It didn’t work.

From the east in Pennsylvania to the west in California, energy exploration using fracking creates high wage jobs. But the extremist Democrats attacking McCrory on fracking aren’t about to let a little old thing like the facts stand in the way of their political agenda.