November 10, 2015

The Chair of the Wake County School Board says there is too much choice in public education and focusing on individual needs is destroying society.

The News and Observer reports “Wake County school board Chairwoman Christine Kushner charges that public education is being hurt by parents being overly focused on individual choice and exclusivity than on the community.” She says “Community is being overshadowed by exclusivity and individual choice.”

In other words, parents who want to send their children to schools that work for them are putting the interest of their children ahead of what the leadership feels is right for the community. Regimentation is good. Freedom and choice are bad.

If a child is trapped in a mediocre school, alternative school choices are foreclosed under the Kushner doctrine. Alternatives don’t fit.

The needs of the individual child don’t count. The dictates of the social planners are supreme.

Perhaps it’s an overstatement, but has Mao’s cultural revolution come to Wake County?

Fortunately, everyone doesn’t share the opinion of the liberal elite in Wake County. African-American parents speaking out for school choice to give parents a chance to get their children into better schools contributed to the defeat of a Democrat running for Governor in Kentucky who shares the anti-choice, anti-individual attitude of the left.

Children aren’t lab rats to be experimented on by government bureaucrats who think they are supreme to everybody else. Support the Carolina Partnership for Reform to give all children a chance at a better education.