October 15, 2015

The News and Observer reported today that Chairman Fennebresque and the UNC Board of Governors lobbied hard for a double-super-secret search process.

Now we know why.

The Raleigh rumor mill says Iowa State University President Steven Leath is a finalist to assume the helm at UNC, a candidate unearthed by the Board of Governor’s $300,000 headhunter John Isaacson.

And once again, Mr. Isaacson’s find is likely to disappoint those yearning for a breath of fresh air to blow away the PC miasma. A case in point: under President Leath’s “leadership” Iowa State folded like a squishy spaghetti by yanking the Bible out of university hotel rooms when an atheist group cried boo.

Disappointing, yes. But the Board of Governors shouldn’t be shocked. Their choice to lead the president search – Mr. Isaacson – recruited liberal gadfly Gene Nichol to take the President’s job at William and Mary where his only accomplishment was taking down the cross in the university’s two hundred year old chapel.

If the Board of Governors can’t give us a leader to stand against the PC tide, then surely their $300,000 man is bringing us a champion cost cutter to eliminate waste and lower tuition, right?

Don’t get your hopes up when the ISU Regent’s agenda includes $205,000 for lush new landscaping at President Leath’s university home.

The UNC System desperately needs reform. So far, the Board of Governors isn’t inspiring any confidence that they get it.