Dealing from the Wrong Deck (Part 1)

October 13, 2015

Years of tuition increases, academic scandals, and pushing PC social agendas instead of focusing on educating our state’s children are catching up to the University of North Carolina system.

The university system desperately needs a good deal and a strong hand to play as it searches for a new president.

While waiting patiently for current UNC President Tom Ross to reach the traditional retirement age for university system presidents of 65, conservative reformers have reiterated that choosing the next President of the university system is the most important decision the Board of Governors would ever make.

Leading legislators have backed the decisions of the current board chairman and the News & Observer reported that after the university budget and bond package passed, “University leaders said they were happy with the best budget in years, as well as $980 million for construction on the campuses as part of a $2 billion bond package that will go before voters next year.”

Top Conservative reformers have repeatedly expressed a desire to “partner” with the Board of Governors and university leadership to build a closer working relationship with the legislature and bring more transparency to university operations.

The Board of Governors’ former Vice Chairman, Frank Grainger, summed it up best in addressing concerns about how the university operates:

Board member Frank Grainger said the vote often feels rushed, and the only information provided on the candidate is presented by Ross in the 15 to 30 minutes prior to the vote.

“It’s already a done deal before it gets to us,” he said.

So how does a university system at a crossroads, in desperate need of a reformer, facing UNC’s most important decision in years, and acknowledging a rushed process with little transparency end up with a bad hand of questionable PC candidate choices?

Tomorrow: Dealing from the Wrong Deck (Part 2): The Board of Governors’ $150,000 Liberal Headhunter