October 8, 2015

Last year, the Daily Tar Heel reported a mind boggling finding from the Program Evaluation Division that UNC has one administrator for every 3.5 students. (Daily Tar Heel)

With bloat like that, is it any wonder tuition goes up and up?

And in a massive understatement, the paper wrote “They could do more in terms of reducing campus operational staff,” said Pamela Taylor, principal program evaluator for the Program Evaluation Division.”

So here’s another modest proposal for the UNC Board. Establish a tuition reduction fund. And hire a new President with the experience and , more importantly, the guts to cut the bloat to lower tuition.

UNC has core competencies in medicine and research. But the millions spent on politically correct diversity, bloat and courses which don’t prepare students for jobs that can service their debt need to go.

And fixing the system requires a President who stands against the PC culture.