October 7, 2015

Carolina Journal recently pointed out that 13% of the employees in the UNC System are paid 6 figure salaries. Are we talking about world class doctors or scientists? Not necessarily.

Carolina Journal reported “UNC-Chapel Hill’s Chief Diversity Officer, Taffye Benson Clayton, earns $195,000 per year, or 38 percent more than Gov. Pat McCrory. Clayton heads the university’s Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, which hosts campus events, diversity training sessions for students and faculty, and seminars. The office employs 10 full-time employees as well as graduate and undergraduate staff members. Its second- and third-highest paid staffers earn $101,000 and $72,000, respectively.

Similarly, N.C. State’s Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity employs 30 people and has total salary expenditures that exceed $1.85 million annually. Three employees earn more than $100,000 and only two staffers earn less than $40,000. The office includes, among others, a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender center, a Women’s Center, and an African-American cultural center.

Like UNC-Chapel Hill’s diversity and multicultural affairs office, N.C. State’s OIED has a strong “social justice” emphasis. It hosts events and offers students and faculty seminars, workshops, and conferences. In October, for example, the GLBT Center is hosting a workshop titled “Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions.” (Carolina Journal)

Millions of dollars are being frittered away on “diversity” and other social engineering at a time when tuition is going up and student debt is through the roof.

So here is a modest proposal for the UNC Board as they search for a new President. Find a cost cutter who will clean up the six figure salary waste on courses and projects like diversity that spin out graduates with degrees that qualify them to work in the kitchen in McDonald’s. It’s time UNC gets serious about cutting costs and lowering tuition.

Another politically correct President wedded to waste would be the wrong choice.