October 2, 2015

Last year, North Carolina teachers earned an average 6.2% raise, by far the biggest pay increase in the country according to the NEA teachers union. (John Locke Foundation)

And teacher’s are getting another $200 million in higher compensation in the new budget. The plan includes a 6% raise for starting teachers, a $750 teacher bonus and experience based raises. While Governor Perdue and the Democrats froze pay, the new conservative majority raised teacher pay in 3 of the last 4 years .

The budget also funds new reform oriented initiatives.

Reducing class size to 1/16 in first grade. $26 million

Expanding summer reading camps giving extra help for students who are in danger of falling behind in first, second and third grades. $40 million

Doubling funding for textbooks. $52 million

Conservative reformers passed a 128% increase in school choice scholarships, over $40 million in the biennium. By empowering families to choose a school that works for their children, every child will get a chance to succeed. Despite attacks from the establishment, conservatives need to do even more on school choice next year.

In all, school funding increases over $400 million this school year.