September 1, 2015

News and Observer Editor Ned Barnett had a nervous breakdown at the idea managed care organizations should be allowed to compete with CCNC and provider led entities in Medicaid. My God, managed care companies actually aim to earn a profit. And we can’t have that, can we?

The News and Observer says managed care has been ” disastrous” in other states. But 39 states use managed care. Are New York, California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina all wrong and only Ned Barnett is right? (

North Carolina even used managed care for Medicaid in Mecklenburg County in the 90s. ( Costs were contained and patient care good. But the bureaucracy wanted a CCNC monopoly instead of competition. (

Now the mouthpieces for Medicaid monopoly like the News and Observer editorial writers are reduced to hysteria. But hysteria never solved anything.

Competition will give taxpayers the best deal and taxpayers are the people Legislators are supposed to represent, not the special interest pleaders.