August 12, 2015

During the Senate debate on reforming Medicaid, Democrats wanted to know when the taxpayers would start giving free health insurance to the 500,000 supposedly eligible if North Carolina spends $3 billion to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare.

Senator Hise said the best solution is a strong economy so the uninsured can get jobs and become insured.

Well, the idea of getting a job did not sit well with Democrats. As the News and Observer reported “That brought an angry retort from Sen. Joel Ford, a Democrat from Charlotte, who said the problem is that the minimum wage is insufficient to support people who are employed but struggle to make ends meet. “I would ask you for a little more compassion,” Ford said.

Compassion? These are the same Democrats who recoil in horror from the idea of giving parents the opportunity to send their children to better schools through school choice.

Compassion? The Democrats are falling all over themselves to support a $15 per hour minimum wage so Wendy’s and McDonalds can go to online ordering and self service to cut thousands of restaurant workers because they can’t raise the price of burgers in a competitive market.

Here’s a fact for the compassion phonies in the Democratic Party. Anyone working 31 hours a week at the current minimum wage will be eligible for taxpayer subsidies to buy health insurance on the ObamaCare exchange. Why should hard pressed North Carolina taxpayers spend $3 billion to expand Medicaid to give free health insurance to single, childless, able bodied adults, many of whom don’t work and none of whom will be required to work?

The Democratic Party is about a cynical game to promise more benefits from an economy already drowning under the weight of big government. Conservative reformers in the Republican Party want to expand people’s opportunities to earn a better life.