July 15, 2015

While the Obama Administration said the newly eligible adults signing up for Medicaid would cost taxpayers 1% less than current recipients, they are actually costing 19% more according to the Medicaid actuary. $5517/recipient vs. $4650.

Giving free benefits to single, able bodied adults many of whom don’t work is a budget busting threat to other priorities like education as the Medicaid Monster consumes a bigger share of the budget .

From the Foundation for Government Accountability – “The revision up should not have been a surprise to those familiar with history,” said Joshua Archambault, senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability. He added that the foundation “has been writing for years now about previous Medicaid expansions and the significant deleterious impact on taxpayer-funded budgets. Sadly, our projections have become a reality.”

“The impact of the cost overruns of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion at the state level is often easier to comprehend than numbers with lots of zeros in a long federal report,” Archambault said.

For example, he said, Medicaid expansion in Ohio has run $1.5 billion over budget so far, Washington state has had to boost its biennial budget by $2.3 billion “solely due to higher-than-expected” expansion costs, and Illinois’ expansion ran $800 million over budget last year.

“The destructive fact of cost overruns due to Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion will be less money for education, public safety and roads. In addition, when state lawmakers balance their budget, they will put the most vulnerable already on Medicaid on the chopping block first, and protect the able-bodied childless adults that are part of the Obamacare expansion—this is a result of the perverse funding structure in the ACA.” (CNBC)