July 10, 2015

While Legislators consider ObamaCare’s Accountable Care Organizations to control Medicaid spending, ObamaCare guru Zeke Emanuel writes in the Wall Street Journal that ACOs aren’t working. “While many reforms are being tested, the administration’s main focus has been on creating “accountable care organizations.” ACOs are groups of medical providers that are rewarded for achieving savings on their total spending while improving quality.

The results so far are less than encouraging. Several studies found that ACOs achieved minimal savings after two years. This is not unexpected. Investing in technology, hiring nurses and changing the way care is delivered is complex and takes time to implement effectively. But we don’t yet have evidence that ACOs can reduce costs substantially.”

So why should we board a sinking ACO boat? Even Zeke Emanuel admits they don’t work.

Managed care is the Medicaid choice across the country. There’s no need to repeat ObamaCare’s ACO mistake in Medicaid.