July 2, 2015

Read to Achieve is a program that tests third graders on their reading ability. Students who aren’t up to speed are asked to improve their skills during a summer reading camp before they can be advanced to fourth grade.

Now who can oppose giving kids an extra boost before they fall so far behind they can’t ever catch up? Hmm. Let’s see. The good old Democrat News and Observer has a problem with Read to Achieve.

Declaring there are ”many negatives,” the paper rolls out some professors who say ”Alarmingly, almost 92 percent of teachers said that the legislation and resulting programs increased the stress and anxiety levels of their third-grade students.” (N&O)

Imagine children would discover there’s more to life than a new candy crush app.

Fortunately, many teachers recognize Read to Achieve summer instruction offers the chance to reach students needing help before it’s too late. Note this article from Union County. “Rock Rest Elementary Assistant Principal Keitha Rodden is the site administrator for the summer camp at her school. This site has students from the East Union cluster, which includes Union, Rock Rest, Marshville and Wingate Elementary Schools.

“It’s been wonderful,” Rodden said. “The classrooms only have between eight to 11 students, so the teachers are able to focus individually on the child’s need, offer small groups and provide more targeted instruction that will hopefully get students to meet their grade-level expectations.”

Rodden said her students have been doing very well, thus far. “Our goal is for students to improve but we also want them to gain some confidence and hopefully be able to pass the test at the end of summer camp.”

Kelly Romanowski, summer campsite administrator for Rocky River Elementary, said her school has 73 students, which come from Rocky River, Prospect, Wesley Chapel, New Town and Western Union Elementary Schools.

“It’s structured and intense,” Romanowski said. “It’s a great program. The structure is the biggest strength. It’s literacy rich. You can’t go wrong with that.”

Romanowski said the purpose of the summer initiative is to grow readers by building the student’s comprehension, fluency and phonic skills. “It’s a great way to do the intensive reading instruction to build those readers,” she said.” (UCPS)

Read to Achieve makes sense. The problem lies in the fact a conservative majority passed it. And that’s what galls the left because it just doesn’t fit their narrative that Republicans hate education.