June 23, 2015

The April poll by Americans for Prosperity shows voters believe tax cuts, not more spending, boost the economy.

In general, which of the following is a more effective way to spur economic growth: increase government spending OR lower taxes? (ROTATE)

Increase government spending 11%
Lower taxes 74%
Not sure 14%

And voters agree corporate tax cuts do more for the economy than incentives.

Currently two job creation proposals are being debated in the North Carolina state legislature. One proposal would increase funding for North Carolina’s main job creation incentives fund, the Job Development Investment Grant, by twenty two and a half million dollars. This money goes towards providing financial and tax incentives for recruiting businesses to move to North Carolina. Another proposal would lower the corporate income tax rate for all businesses from five percent to four percent in 2016 and three percent in 2017 and change how the state uses the Job Development Investment Grant to distribute it more equally across the counties. In order to create more jobs in North Carolina and improve the economy, do you think the legislature should support the proposal to increase funding for the Job Development Investment Grant OR the proposal to lower the corporate income tax rate? (ROTATE)

Increase funding for the Job Development Investment Grant 36%
Lower the corporate income tax rate 46%
Not sure 18%

And voters believe lower corporate taxes bring new businesses here.

Do you expect that a business would be more likely or less likely to move to North Carolina if the corporate tax rate has been lowered? (ROTATE) TOTAL MORE LIKELY: 83% TOTAL LESS LIKELY: 5%

Much More Likely 58%
Somewhat More Likely 25%
Somewhat Less Likely 4%
Much Less Likely 1%
Not Sure 13%

64% think corporate tax rate cuts are positive for the economy. Republicans should keep playing a winning hand.

Here’s the poll. (AFP)