June 18, 2015

When unions can require someone to join the union before an employer can hire them, that’s called a closed shop. Republicans usually say they are against it and the right to work law makes it illegal.

But in Medicaid, some Republicans seem to be favoring a closed shop.

The House Medicaid Reform Bill bans Medicaid managed care companies from competing with CCNC and newly created “provider led entities” also called accountable care organizations. Under the House Bill, the ACO’s will face no competition. In fact, they won’t even have to produce any savings for taxpayers for 6 years.

Republicans claim to be for a free market. They say they are for free competition. That’s why they are against a closed shop for unions.

Then why are some Republicans in the House stopping competition in Medicaid management?

Fortunately, a lot of grassroots conservatives in the House aren’t buying the no competition plan. The News and Observer reported “This is sort of taking a step back from where I thought we were headed in this state,” said Rep. Justin Burr, an Albemarle Republican. “There is room for everyone to come to the table,” he said. “Competition is a good thing.” (6/11/15)

Representative Burr is right. Competition makes everybody better. Competition saves money for taxpayers. And competition is what makes America work.