June 5, 2015

When Raleigh businessman Bob Luddy told State House Republicans he was canceling his political contribution to them so he could support a group opposing the House Budget’s special interest tax breaks and excessive spending, the Charlotte Observer blew a fuse.

Their editorial called Luddy’s action ”borderline illegal” for threatening lawmakers. (Charlotte Observer)

Editorial page Editor Taylor Batten must have earned his Harvard degree in selective outrage.

A Newsbank archives check produces no examples of Charlotte Observer editorials condemning Democrat billionaire Tom Steyer for threatening to withhold contributions from Democrats if they allowed the Keystone Pipeline jobs bill to pass.

Here is what USA Today reported “The decision to yet again delay the final permit for the popular Keystone XL pipeline was made not in the White House or at the State Department, but in a posh private residence in the Sea Cliff neighborhood in northwestern San Francisco. It was there on February 19 that former vice president Al Gore and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the pilgrimage to Tom Steyer’s home to kiss the ring of the hedge fund-billionaire turned super-donor, in exchange for $400,000 that night and a promise of $100 million more to come. Steyer’s sole demand? Stop the pipeline.

Steyer’s spokesman made clear that he demanded more than talk for his $100 million life raft to struggling Democratic senate candidates. The quid pro quo was made explicit, and public. “If we’re collectively going to put $100 million into this cycle, how much will go into key races depends on Keystone,” said top Steyer political hand Chris Lehane.” (USA Today)

To the Charlotte Observer, Luddy is bad. He supports conservatives. But the paper generally approves Steyer funding “a liberal uprising” in North Carolina. (Charlotte Observer)

Let’s hope the Charlotte Observer will be a little more fair with the outrage next time.