April 14, 2015

The News and Observer’s Ned Barnett really let his seething emotions run wild with his latest Medicaid expansion column.

Well, as Lee Corso puts it, not so fast.

Ned says Republicans oppose Medicaid expansion out of ”pique.” Apparently, honest people can’t honestly disagree. That attitude speaks for itself .

Second, Mr. Barnett says there’s nothing to the Republican fear Washington will renege on the promise to pay of 90% of Medicaid expansion. But we have already showed the Obama Administration proposed cutting Medicaid expansion money to reduce the deficits by unloading costs to the states.

Mr. Barnett says Medicaid expansion brings us billions. He ignores how the increased government spending and borrowing will shrink economic growth and cost us billions.

Medicaid expansion isn’t about the disabled or children or struggling single Moms or people who can’t help themselves. They’re already covered. Medicaid expansion is about free government health insurance for single, able bodied, childless adults. Many are already eligible for ObamaCare’s subsidized health insurance. All of them would be if they worked 31 hours a week.

There will never be enough to give everyone everything free. Republicans are about helping the people who can’t help themselves. The people who can help themselves need to.