March 24, 2015

They said it wouldn’t happen. And then it did.

In 2013, Governor McCrory and the conservative majority in the Legislature cut taxes for every income tax payer and business in order to get our economy moving.

The liberal thought police said tax cuts wouldn’t help. For example, the N. C. Justice Center declared “The irresponsible tax changes passed in the 2013 legislative session will not boost our economy or create more jobs.” (N.C. Justice Center)

But now Carolina Journal columnist John Hood reports our state created jobs last year at the quickest pace since 2006, faster than in any other year this century besides 2006 and faster than the average gain of the 1990s. The Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers show our gain of 110,000 jobs in 2014 was nearly 20% faster than the national and regional averages. (Carolina Journal)

Of course, maybe the big government left is right and letting wage earners, savers, investors and businesses keep more of their own money isn’t going to help the economy. And maybe somebody besides Coach K was sitting on the bench coaching those thousand wins.

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