Cuts to “free” Obamacare exchange trigger Rhode Island Health Tax

March 18, 2015

Two years ago, the conservative majority in the Legislature and Governor McCrory shocked the elites by rejecting a federal grant and declining to establish an ObamaCare health insurance exchange.

Thundering through the cyberspace of N. C. Policy Watch, the left-wing house organ fund by WRAL owner Jim Goodmon, Adam Searing declared “It’s time for the Governor and legislators to reverse their poor decision and establish a state-run health exchange for North Carolinians.” (Policy Watch)

Gee. What kind of bozos would turn away money from Washington for an ObamaCare exchange?

So look at what’s happening now in Rhode Island where they took federal money for an ObamaCare exchange. Washington grants have dried up and Rhode Island’s Governor wants a tax on health insurance policies bought by individuals and small businesses either on or off the exchange. Without the federal dollars, the state needs the cash from a health insurance tax to run their own exchange. (Providence Journal)

Turns out the Conservatives were right to ignore President Obama’s promise of free money. Washington grants are about as reliable as rain in the Mojave. Rhode Island is going to tax someone to keep the exchange afloat since Washington quit paying. It’s another reason we shouldn’t buy the blarney that Washington will pay for Medicaid expansion.