March 5, 2015

Who said Medicaid spending is unsustainable and has to be fixed?

A. Senator Phil Berger

B. Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo

The right answer is both.

Democratic Speaker Robert DeLeo says Medicaid is “consuming a greater percentage of the state’s budget year after year, rising 50 percent over the last five years.

“That is not sustainable. We must find a durable way to solve this if we’re going to invest in what makes our state great: educating our children, protecting our most vulnerable residents like the elderly and the disabled, and spurring innovation.” (BBJ 2015)

So here we have agreement between a North Carolina Republican and a Massachusetts Democrat that better education funding depends on fixing Medicaid. The conservative reformers in the North Carolina Senate passed a plan for competition between Medicaid managed care companies and medical provider groups to run Medicaid. Competition lowers costs. Now the North Carolina House needs to embrace competition, too.