March 3, 2015

We recently reported how soaring costs due in part to ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire have led to cuts for seniors in nursing homes and medicine assistance for AIDS patients. (CPR 2015)

As the Governor and Legislature work on the North Carolina budget, let’s consider another example from Connecticut about what happens when the Medicaid boat is overloaded. The vulnerable are tossed off the ship and into the water without a life jacket.

Here’s the story from the Connecticut Mirror on Governor Malloy’s proposal to cut pregnant women on Medicaid . “Health care providers and social service advocates say the way Malloy would cut Medicaid is financially short-sighted and threatens to undermine recent progress in a program that has added thousands of new members as part of the federal health law.” (The Conn. News Project 2015)

So after bulking up the rolls with ObamaCare, now they have to cut. And vulnerable people are getting cut. Pregnant women.

The Medicaid providers wanted Medicaid expansion and got it. So now they are getting a fee cut in Connecticut to balance the books.

The lesson is clear. Overload the boat and it sinks. That’s why adding able bodied adults to medicaid is a mistake. Because we see what is already happening in New Hampshire and Connecticut when they boarded the ObamaCare train. And they will have more trouble as federal cash goes down

In 2005 and 2009,Democrats in the Legislature were cutting help for seniors and the disabled in North Carolina. People who can’t work. And now they want taxpayers to pay for able bodied adults who don’t work. Bad priorities. (CPR 2015)

We need a managed care reform of Medicaid to control costs, not a $3 billion expansion. Overloading the boat now will sink it when the money from Washington starts drying up.