February 24, 2015

Due in part to costs of Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare, New Hampshire’s Medicaid budget is out of whack. And to meet the demand for benefits from able bodied, childless adults, Medicaid is cutting vulnerable people like seniors and the disabled.

Note this recent report. “However, there is an even greater reason to end Obamacare Medicaid expansion, as anyone who attended January’s Fiscal Committee meeting saw firsthand. In that meeting, DHHS announced that it was $82 million over budget, mainly due to costs from Obamacare, partly because of the cost of Medicaid expansion, and partly because of the “woodwork effect” resulting from Gov. Hassan’s commitment to advertise the services of Obamacare far and wide. That was an effort that the Legislature rejected, but which the governor funded by using a legally dubious loophole to spend your tax dollars on marketing “free” health care.

How did the agency move to fill this big hole? The first step was $44 million in cuts in other areas in DHHS. While the $7 million reduction to nursing homes received the biggest news, these cuts came from across the department. They involved cutbacks to seniors, children, the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled. Programs that saw their budget cut include family planning, Ryan White Care Act funding for those with HIV, and funds for sheltering the homeless.

How did Gov. Hassan respond to these reductions caused, in part, by Medicaid expansion? In a news release, she calls these cuts “responsible” and “difficult, but necessary.” In other words, the governor has chosen to sell seniors, children and the disabled down the river to provide a welfare program to healthy, childless adults.

At a public policy level, leaders typically put the necessities of the truly needy before those for whom a service would be “nice.” However, Medicaid expansion turns this notion on its head as its proponents engage in their Ahab-like quest to implement Obamacare in New Hampshire. Children, seniors and the disabled are the victims who pay the price for state leaders’ ideology, and that price will go up as the price tag for Medicaid expansion does.”

To pay for Medicaid expansion will cost North Carolina $3 billion. Which taxes do we raise? Or do we cut education? And to give more benefits to the able bodied adults who could work, do we cut the disabled like New Hampshire?

Encourage the conservative majority to stand firm against ObamaCare expansion.