February 19, 2015

On Valentine’s Day, the Democratic Party’s shock troops, the Moral Monday protesters, gathered in Raleigh under the command of Moral arbiter in chief, NAACP President William Barber. Reverend Barber bills his protest march as right, namely himself , against wrong, the ”extremist” Republican Legislature.

And to put it mildly, the philosophical difference between Barber’s Democrats and the conservative majority couldn’t be bigger.

Conservatives believe jobs are the way out of poverty, personal responsibility the key to success, the measure of compassion how many people break free government dependence, not how many can be attracted to it.

Judging from the 14 Point Agenda Barber’s Democrats are marching for, more government benefits, not more jobs, is the Democrat’s priority. Last year, the General Assembly’s Fiscal Research division calculated the cost of the Moral Monday program and what it would take to finance it.

The bottom line was $7 billion in new spending and a 50% corporate tax rate. Check the specific proposals.

Health insurance for all uninsured including undocumented immigrants $6.8 billion

Medicaid expansion Administration $17 million

Pre k expansion $172 million

Triple funding for Office of Minority Health $9.5 million

Create Human Rights Department with investigations and outreach $8.5 million

Double minority economic development $32 million

Increase workforce development 50%$350 million

Affordable housing $14 million

In-state tuition subsidy at UNC and community college for undocumented immigrants at unknown cost

Black college funding $36 million

Child care subsidies $224 million

Collective bargaining unionization for public employees at unknown cost

Reparation for 1898 Wilmington Riot and 1979 Klan/Communist shootout $20.25 million

Seven billion in new spending and a ten fold tax increase on business? Is that a new vision of Morality? No. It’s the broken politics of redistributing a rapidly shrinking pie, a prescription for capital flight, business flight and joblessness.

Valentine’s Day is fitting for the march of the Barberized Democratic Party. For it’s not a great exaggeration to see their agenda as a St. Valentine’s Day massacre for jobs and the hope they can bring in people’s lives.