February 13, 2015

Never fearing to shake the status quo, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is stepping on the toes of university dons, proposing a tuition freeze, overhead savings and, saints preserve us, an increase in work productivity from professors . The Wall Street Journal reported “Mr. Walker called into question the work ethic, efficiency and productivity of university professors. “Maybe it’s time for faculty and staff to start thinking about teaching more classes and doing more work,” Mr. Walker said.”(2/3/15)

So what’s the workload at UNC? A recent study says that in the English Department, 49 faculty teach 107 courses with 28 courses having fewer than 3 students. The overall Chapel Hill workload ranges between 1.75-2.26 courses /professor.

The Daily Tar Heel also found UNC has one administrator for every 3.5 students.

Freeze tuition. Increase productivity. That’s blue heaven’s winning ticket.