December 16, 2014

If you talk with a nurse, you can hear some heart rending stories about special needs children and adults. Special needs is a euphemistic word for our politically correct age and it obscures the agonizing horror of what can happen to a child born with spina bifida, oxygen deprivation or a host of other diseases. A lifetime of struggle lies ahead of them.

The ancient Spartans abandoned them. Hitler institutionalized them, telling parents wonderful doctors would help them, but somehow they never returned and no one was allowed to learn why . In North Carolina, Medicaid often helps pay for caring for the disabled people who can’t help themselves .

Now we can discuss how much families ought to do because dumping a relative on the taxpayers back is wrong. Churches and charities ought to step up. But those who have no alternative need decent care under Medicaid .

Twenty years ago, North Carolina Medicaid cost state and Federal taxpayers $3.5 billion, ten years ago $7.4 billion and now $14 billion.

Over the same time, the state increased education from $4 billion to $8 billion. Education doubled in twenty years but Medicaid quadrupled. Medicaid is gobbling up the budget. 

In 2005,a State Senator declared ”The state needs ideas for holding down Medicaid expenses, said Sen. Kay Hagan, a Greensboro Democrat and budget negotiator. “If we don’t, there won’t be enough money to cover other items,” she said. Hagan’s idea was cutting 65,000 elderly and disabled off Medicaid. 

In 2009,great liberal champion Senator Josh Stein voted to cut the Medicaid Personal Care Services (PCS) program, which provides home care services to more than 36,000 people in North Carolina, including the frail, the elderly and children with physical and developmental disabilities.

Now these same liberals want to add half a million new people to Medicaid with ObamaCare Medicaid expansion. Able bodied, single, childless, working age adults who don’t work. And the $3 billion cost to state taxpayers just drains money away from education or spina bifida children.

Liberal hypocrisy of cutting the disabled and lavishing benefits on the able bodied is wrong. Let’s fix Medicaid to protect the genuinely helpless.