December 13, 2014

Professor Jonathan Gruber is a dangerous man. He told the truth when too many seem to ignore reality in blissful ignorance.

Of course, the MIT Professor is the ObamaCare architect who attributed the bill’s passage to a lack of transparency and the stupidity of voters. It’s easy to get angry at his insult except he merely gave a true view of what many elite liberals think of us in the great unwashed. 

Professor Gruber also threw gasoline on a potential Supreme Court fire by admitting ObamaCare was written to only allow subsidies on state health insurance exchanges. The Obama Administration claims they can also give subsidies on the federal exchange. Unfortunately for them, their main man Gruber said ”What’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credit.”

Next year, the Supreme Court is going to hear a case that ObamaCare is unconstitutional based on subsidies being given on the federal exchange illegally. Gruber’s admission may undermine the Obama position in court. 

But Professor Gruber has also revealed just how big a mess has been made with constant Medicaid expansions. According to his analysis, private health insurance coverage was reduced by six people for every ten people added to Medicaid under Medicaid expansions between 1996-2002.

Gruber’s work shows government giveaways replacing hard work. Jonathan Gruber certainly is an inconvenient truth teller now for the left.