December 8, 2014

North Carolina’s Attorney General and other left-wing Democrats brand the Governor and Legislature ” extremist”. 

The left cites as extremist the Senate’s natural gas drilling bill that allows the same fracking process used across the nation for oil and gas drilling to be used here. 

Anyone going to a gas station can see the benefits of fracking. More oil on the market and lower gas prices.

But the left-wing protesters attacking the New Conservative Majority in the Legislature say fracking =death.

Which brings us to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ringing endorsement of fracking the other day. “Clinton did, however, come out in favor of natural gas drilling, known as hydrofracking, which has become a key cause for environmental activists, who say that the risks involved in natural gas drilling are not yet known.

“Yes, natural gas can play an important bridge role in the transition to a cleaner, greener economy,” Clinton said. 

So who are the extremists? The Governor, the Legislature and Hillary Clinton who want more jobs and more affordable energy from responsible drilling? Or the fear mongering protesters and their politicians out for power?